An evening with the Cecils – Baltimore Maryland photographer

Oh boy .. This is going to be a long post (and wordy) I can just feel it.  And I’m just going to let it happen, because these photos mean a lot to me.  The first time I met Whitney and Jacob, Tony and I had just moved to Baltimore and we really didn’t know many people.  We went to a local market where Whitney and Jacob had a booth selling their handmade leather goods (check them out here) and Tony recognized them from a recent feature about them in Southern Living magazine.   Tony and I stood creepily off to the side staring at them and debating whether or not we wanted to admit that we read Southern Living magazine introduce ourselves.  I was determined to make new friends in our new city so I declared that we were going to make an effort to go out of our way to meet new people .. starting right then!  I would introduce us and then we could go home.  Then I quickly marched over to them before we could chicken out.   And that evening 4 years ago began what would be one of the BEST friendships that we have.

The funny thing was I was newly pregnant with Rosie and we didn’t even tell them right away (although they could tell) because we wanted to grandfather in their friendship before they found out we were going to be lame parents soon.  haha!    And now we have soon-to-be 4 kids between us!  Ahh life!

I’m so grateful for their friendship and just yesterday I was telling Whitney that I can’t imagine our lives without them.  We’ve had countless dinners together, Whitney and I have each stood in each other’s houses and cried when mothering and life seemed too overwhelming, and our kids are the best of friends (although they fight like brother and sister).

I really can’t convey how wonderful this sweet family is in words .. So here is my love story for the Cecils written in 80+ photos.

Stevie_T_photography_001Stevie_T_photography_002Stevie_T_photography_003Stevie_T_photography_004Stevie_T_photography_005documentary photography baltimoreStevie_T_photography_007Stevie_T_photography_008Stevie_T_photography_009Stevie_T_photography_010Stevie_T_photography_011Stevie_T_photography_012Stevie_T_photography_013maryland lifestyle photographerStevie_T_photography_015Stevie_T_photography_016I asked Whitney to stay behind while Jacob and Ezra walked on and as I looked through my camera I realized that this is the first time that I have really ‘seen’ Whitney and her baby girl as separate from the boys.  I could just see her baby girl in her arms and I started to tear up.  I’ve never looked forward to a baby’s arrival more than I have looked forward to the birth of this special little lady.   Stevie_T_photography_017baltimore maternity photographyStevie_T_photography_019documentary maternity photographyStevie_T_photography_021Stevie_T_photography_022Stevie_T_photography_023fun family photography baltimoreStevie_T_photography_025relaxed and fun family photographyStevie_T_photography_027Stevie_T_photography_028Stevie_T_photography_029Stevie_T_photography_030Stevie_T_photography_031Stevie_T_photography_032Stevie_T_photography_033Stevie_T_photography_034relaxed family photographyStevie_T_photography_036Stevie_T_photography_037baltimore family photographyStevie_T_photography_039Stevie_T_photography_040Stevie_T_photography_041Stevie_T_photography_042Stevie_T_photography_043baltimore documentary family photographerStevie_T_photography_045Stevie_T_photography_046Stevie_T_photography_047Stevie_T_photography_048Stevie_T_photography_049Stevie_T_photography_050Stevie_T_photography_051Stevie_T_photography_052Stevie_T_photography_053Stevie_T_photography_054Stevie_T_photography_055Stevie_T_photography_056Stevie_T_photography_057Stevie_T_photography_058Stevie_T_photography_059Stevie_T_photography_060Stevie_T_photography_061Stevie_T_photography_062Stevie_T_photography_063Stevie_T_photography_064Stevie_T_photography_065Stevie_T_photography_066Stevie_T_photography_067Stevie_T_photography_068Stevie_T_photography_069Stevie_T_photography_070Stevie_T_photography_071Stevie_T_photography_072Stevie_T_photography_073

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