Happy Birthday G.G.

Today we celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.  I wish I was in Ocean City celebrating with G.G. in person but instead I will celebrate through photos and words and the world wide web.

I went to college 30 miles from my grandparents house and often visited with them when I needed the familiarity of home.  I felt such a sense of comfort there and more times than not I would show up, walk upstairs and just fall asleep right in the middle of their living room floor.   They always made me feel so welcome and secure .. and well fed.  🙂

For a few years when I was a kid we all lived in the same house .. although it was separated into 2 separate living spaces.  I loved to sneak downstairs and crawl into bed with her after my grandfather had gone to work.  I just loved snuggling under the covers and talking to her before we got up to start the day.   I actually still do this when I visit and just last month I crawled into her bed while my Grandpa Willie brought her coffee.  Our conversations  have changed quite a bit over the years and we have advanced from talking about school and toys to life and soon-to-be-born babies .. In a little over a month our new baby will be her 17th great-grandchild.

I love this woman so much and I can’t wait until the day I can introduce her to the newest member of our family.   I’ve already decided that baby’s first road trip will be a trip to Ocean City for a little visit.   I imagine I will show up, walk upstairs, place my baby in her arms ….. and then fall asleep right in the middle of her living room floor.

GG_Birthday_001GG_Birthday_002The below photo is of GG and I (and my cousin Aaron) in 1983 … Look at that hair!!!  GG_Birthday_003The next 4 photos were taken on mine and Tony’s wedding day .. (www.wearetheparsons.com) GG_Birthday_004GG_Birthday_005GG_Birthday_006GG_Birthday_007GG_Birthday_008GG_Birthday_009GG_Birthday_010DSC_3968 copyDSC_3969 copyDSC_4203 copy

The below photo was taken by Tony .. it’s the day after our wedding and my grandmother is cleaning the dirt and mud off of the bottom of my wedding dress.  It’s a wonderful memory that I’m happy to have documented.   Thank you husband. 

GG_Birthday_011GG_Birthday_012Seriously, how amazing are my grandparents!??

Willie005Happy Birthday G.G.   I hope you have a beautiful day and I can’t wait to celebrate with you when I see you next.  I love you so much.

Annnddd… If you haven’t gotten enough of this wonderful woman please check out last years birthday post for a LOT more of my favorite photos.


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