Morning always looked like you

I’m currently taking an online photography workshop offered by the Define School and taught but the amazing Ashley & Jeremy Parsons.   It’s amazing and challenging and it’s causing me to rethink everything about the way I approach my photography.

For a recent assignment I decided to document a small bit of morning with my husband.

Mornings with Tony are my favorite part of every single day.  I know for many people the mornings move crazy fast with alarm clocks and getting ready for work .. but since Tony and I both own our own businesses we set our own hours .. Unfortunately that can mean we work late nights and don’t always enjoy down time in the evening like many do.   So mornings are sometimes the only part of my day where time slows down and I try to soak in every single detail.

Plus, I only have about 75-ish more mornings of him all to myself before this little baby arrives and then I have to share him.   So I’m going to savor all of them.

Blog title lyric from ‘All of my trains’ by Robert Francis .. listen to it here.

  • stella - These might be some of my favourite pics you’ve ever taken. they are so intimate. I love it. especially the muffin/hands shot and the Tony smouldering in B&W.

  • Danielle - You two are my favorite. Love you both so much!

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