I’ll be guided by stars and the lights all around you

Just a mile or so from our house is an incredibly unique area called Clipper Mill.. which is situated on an old foundry.  Long before we ever decided to move to Baltimore I was in love with it.. So when I met Mackenzie and Nick and the told me they were getting married there I was thrilled at the opportunity to photograph their wedding.

These 2 individuals are just the sweetest, most down to earth couple … one of those couples that you just know you could be friends with in an instant.  One of those couples that when you hear their friends and family toasting them at their wedding reception you think to yourself .. “man!  why haven’t I been friends with them already?!”

They kept their focus on what was important .. spending quality time with their most special people on the planet … and did away with the stress and insanity.   Please sit back and enjoy this little glimpse into the most wonderful day in their lives.
Are you kidding me with this dress?!!  Stunning!!!!Nick waiting to see his bride… I love this image right before Nick turned around and got to see Mackenzie for the first time.  I am in love with this moment!   This was a little stolen moment between Nick and Mac right before they walked down the aisle hand in hand.   The Clipper Mill Pool made an amazing ceremony location.Their reception was at Coradetti Glass Blowing Studio... Incredible!Best dance off I have ever seen .. ever!

Blog title lyric from Echoes by Mostar Diving Club ..  listen to it here

  • Lorraine Page - I’m left breathless after viewing these images. Can’t wait to see more. (You discovered the charming dimple on Nicholas that doesn’t reveal itself too often!)

  • Dan Whipps - WOW! Really, really nice job, Stevie. Good thing Mackenzie didn’t rely on me to shoot this! I commented during the day/night on how hard you two were working, and I was sure you would do a fine job. These images, however thourougly exceed what I would have expected. Absolutely beautiful. Artistic and professional. Well done.

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