Kicking off the 2013 wedding season with … my wedding

On April 5th, 2013, on the most gorgeous spring day that Maryland has even seen, I was walked down the ‘aisle’ by my nephew and my dad and married my best friend under a huge tree in the company of my most favorite people in the world.   It was a dream.


I honestly don’t even know how to describe the beauty of our wedding day in words.  All I know is it was EXACTLY how I imagined it in my head in the months leading up to it.

Tony and I (mostly Tony) worked hard to design and create a gorgeous table for our family to eat around.

My dress was handmade by my talented mother.

My sister made the most beautiful cake and all of the desserts.

We hired the most amazing story-telling photographers in the world.

We rented a big house in Cambridge, MD  and we invited only our immediate family (17 people including Tony and I) and Tony’s uncle Terry to perform the ceremony.


In a recent post I talked about the impending rain and how we would have an amazing wedding come rain or come shine.   I made my peace with the weather forecast, we made a rain-plan and were completely prepared as the rain poured down all through the night.   But by some amazing miracle (that I don’t know what we did to deserve) the clouds parted as we woke up and the most brilliant blue sky took over.  Suddenly a forecast of 48 degrees and rain and wind turned into a 60 degree, cloudless day without an ounce of wind.  It was a gift that none of us took for granted.

I will be posting TONS of images from our amazing photographers when we receive them but in the meantime here are a couple of our favorite i-phone photos from the day.


I’ll also be posting lots of progress photos of the table and my dress as well as images from the rest of the wedding weekend over on our personal blog so if you’d like to check them out feel free to  head over here.



We had the pleasure of working with Lemon and Lime Event Design who worked tirelessly all day making sure that everything looked beautiful and that the day flowed smoothly.  We couldn’t have done it without them.   In fact  half of the above photos were taken by Ashley or Katey!  We are so thankful to you both! You can view more of their images from our wedding here

  • Adam Johnson - Oh my gosh – so so so so amazing! Massive congratulations!

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