Happy Birthday GG!

Today I want to send some very big birthday wishes over to my grandmother. I just adore this amazing woman and if you ever have the pleasure of spending any time with her I’m confident that you would too.

She is a wife of 64 years, a mother to 4, a grandmother to 10 and a great grandmother (GG) to 15.

She is positive and optimistic, and stronger than any other woman I know.

She loves her family fiercely and would want nothing more than to be surrounded by all of them, craziness and all.

She is an artist and a teacher and her smile can light up a room.

She can take the most random ingredients from the fridge and make a beautiful gourmet lunch .. she can defeat breast cancer with a smile .. and she can kick your butt at cards.

She loves the ocean, Bill Murray, bright colors, dancing, and my grandpa Willie.

And oh, how we all love her.

The above photo of me and GG was taken by my dad on the Ocean City Boardwalk in 1984  .. below photo taken by Tony a month ago on Thanksgiving.

She is an amazing artist and creates the most beautiful hooked rugs.One of my most favorite memories of GG from when I was a child is when I used to sneak into her bedroom before she got out of bed to have early morning talks and snuggles.  I still do it sometimes. 

Happy Birthday GG!!   I love you so much!!

  • cat - oh we love her. thanks for showing everyone how much!

  • Sharon - Stevie, I so appreciate the post about your GG, my Aunt! I totally agree with you and I so wish you could get to know my dad, (her brother) for he is soooo much like her in that they have the same fun spirit about them and ALWAYS positive!! Love her lots and thanks for sharing.

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