Extreme Makeover Home Edition .. Bastrop, Texas

Last night ABC aired the last episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition that Tony worked on .. a holiday special they filmed last year in Texas.  It was a great episode to be a part of and I was so glad I was able to fly out to help too.  The episode focused on the local hereos in Bastop, TX that sacrificed so much during the devastating wildfires that spread last year.  While the largest wildfire in Texas history spread over 34,000 acres these firefighters worked day and night for 28 days straight.

And while Mizzy Zdroj, a volunteer firefighter fought to save the homes of others her own home burned to the ground.   Mizzy and her family not only lost their house and belongings, but Mizzy’s livelihood as well when her farm and art studio went up in flames.  So the EMHE team and hundreds of volunteers came together and rebuilt their home as well as renovated the local fire-station and provided them with all new gear.   If you missed the episode last night you’ll be able to watch it online here.

I’m so thankful for all the experiences that I have had helping out on the show and all the new friends that I have made.  I will greatly miss being a part of it.

Scroll down to see a handful of photos that I took during my week in Texas…..

This was all that was left of Mizzy’s beloved garden and art studio…When in Texas….I had so much fun getting to take photos of some of the firefighters children for a calendar they put together.   If you watch the episode you can see me in action.  🙂The new house… And just to give you an idea of the devastation in their backyard .. this was once Mizzy’s enchanted forest. A little peak in the new kitchen of the firestation .. I took the photos on the wall.  🙂And both Tony and I were in the episode .. how fun is that??!!!!!    If you missed it watch it online..  Tony is about 50 minutes in and I’m right at the beginning of the 2nd half of the 2 hr special.  Actually I guess you can see exactly where we are in the bar on the TV screen.  🙂It’s me!!!!!Real life Tony talking shop to TV Tony .. and yes they are wearing the same flannel.  ha!!Paulie peeking over my shoulder.  A few iphone photos to round it all out.   


  • Lisa Borgeson - Stevie,
    As we watched the show on DVR tonight I said to Paul, “Look, there’s Stevie.” We are thrilled to see you doing BIG things. So cool. Great photos. And to think we knew you when…
    Lisa Borgeson

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