For us there is no end .. All you gotta do is have a little faith in me

I can distinctly remember standing in the guest bedroom of my grandparents house as I nervously called the girl that would soon be my new college roommate.  A girl that I had been randomly matched with.  As I paced the bedroom I was anxiously confident that my happiness in college relied solely on whether or not we would get along.  Would she like me?  Would I like her?  Would she be fun?  And most importantly, would she have a microwave that would fit perfectly above my mini fridge?!?!

One of the questions I never thought to ask was ‘Will I someday get to photograph the day she marries her best friend?’

But yet here we are .. 12 years later.

It’s always an honor to be asked to document such a big occasion in someones life and Shanon and Ben’s wedding was wonderful to be a part of.  If you are in a room with them for just 5 minutes it is clear that they are perfect for each other and I’m so happy that they found each other.

Enjoy a little glimpse into their wedding the way that I saw it …

There was no mistaking how happy Shanon was this day.  I love her laugh.I am a huge fan of seeing each other before the ceremony.  I love this moment.

Shanon and Ben .. I wish you a very happy marriage .. Never stop making each other laugh!


I’ll conclude this post with these beauties .. A little college roommate reunion.  🙂and I couldn’t resist posting this photo from 12 years ago when we lived together.   Because 3  out of the 4 of us worked at the Picture People in the mall we got a roommate photo shoot.  Oh boy, were we awesome!  

Blog title lyric from ‘Have a little faith in me’ by John Hiatt .. listen to it here

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