You know my love will not fade away

I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful wedding of Katie and Adam which took place entirely at Antrim 1844 in Taneytown, MD.   I had never had the opportunity to shoot there before and I was amazed by how beautiful it was.   There are so many gardens and fountains and adorable little houses and buildings.  I could have photographed there for days.

As soon as I arrived I was met immediately by Adam’s momma, Evelyn, who hugged me like I was an old friend and toured me all over the property.  We had never met before that day so I took her welcoming hug as a sign that I was going to feel right at home here.  It’s amazing how being surrounded by such sweet, loving people really make the art of wedding photography so much easier.

Katie is a classic beauty with flawless skin, a contagious smile, and the most gorgeously long strawberry blonde hair.   And oh how Adam adores her.  For the first time ever since I’ve been shooting weddings the groom was my primary contact.   Adam made all the arrangements with me, and handled all my  phone calls and questions.  It was so wonderful to hear the details from a groom and hear how excited he was about some surprises he had planned.  But of course, being as amazing as he was, he just brushed it off when I mentioned it saying that it only made sense that he would be so involved .. it was his wedding too after all and that with all that Katie had done all year long it was only fair for him to take this responsibility on.  You have a good man, Katie.

Adam and Katie are down to earth, music loving, free spirits and their wedding was perfectly them.  This is how I saw it…The sky threatened rain all morning but Adam and Katie were determined to have their ceremony outdoors .. no matter what.  A few sprinkles of rain fell right as the processional started but the tension was definitely broken when this happened …  But the sprinkles didn’t last long and the sun broke through the clouds less than halfway through the ceremony and it was clear skies for the rest of the day.  Adam surprised Katie .. as well as all of their guests .. with an amazing fireworks display halfway through the reception.  It was unforgettable for sure.Remember this awesome band that I photographed a few months ago?  Well, Cris is great friends with Adam and Katie and rocked their wedding reception.  I can’t wait to shoot Cris’ wedding next May.Adam got in on the action too

Blog title lyric from ‘Not Fade Away’ by Grateful Dead .. listen to it here

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