We are homeward bound, and I, I want this more than life

Our great friends Brekke and Derrick are expecting their first baby very soon.  It’s so amazing to see a couple go through these changes together and I am really looking forward to meeting their new baby and getting to see them as parents.  I was so excited that Brekke agreed to let me take a couple photos of her last weekend to document this last little bit of time before baby arrives.

We couldn’t have picked a crazier day for this if we tried.  It was about 105 degrees on the BUSIEST day of the year in Havre de Grace … we walked way too far to get to my favorite little ‘beach’ only to find it was our equivalent to high tide and swarming with people.  But somehow we made it work and Brekke still managed to look beautiful.

Brekke.. thanks for always being such a great friend.  You are going to be a wonderful momma and I can’t wait to see it.  I love you!Just look how funny she thinks I am.. I’m totally keeping her around.  🙂Derrick .. you are already so protective of your baby even though it’s not out in the world yet.  I’m confident that you are going to be the sweetest, most careful, funny and playful dad and I’m so excited to see you in action.

Now we just have to wait patiently for August 5th to get here so we can meet this new baby girl or boy.. If you ask Brekke though she will tell you she’s due on the 6th , but I have the 5th written on my calendar and I wrote it in pen so…

Stay tuned for photos of the baby as soon as it arrives.  🙂

Blog title lyric from ‘More than Life’ by Whitley .. listen to it here

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