I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have and cannon ball into the water

I love life .. and connections .. and all those little moments that happen in between big events.. the ones that often go by unnoticed.

I love simple … sideways glances, bedhead, slow mornings, stolen kisses and walks hand in hand.

My favorite types of photo shoots are ones where we can embrace all that and celebrate real day to day life.  Ones where I just get to hang out with a family and document how I see them when they are being themselves.

So I was very excited when I heard from Karin, a photographer in Baltimore, who wanted a day-in-the-life photo session to capture her and her little family doing all the things that they loved to do together.

She explained that they were in the process of packing up their life here in Maryland to start a new chapter in South Carolina and they really wanted a photo shoot to celebrate their favorite parts about their life right now at this moment.

So bright and early one morning I headed to their house where I was greeted by 3 smiling faces .. all still in their pajamas.   We spent the morning and afternoon hanging out in their home, getting breakfast at their favorite bagel shop, and playing at some of their regular Baltimore spots.

Karin, Dylan and Brody .. thank you for inviting me into your world.

Your life is beautiful.

This is how I saw it…..

Parents make the best faces at their kids!  

Karin, how about in a year when you are ready to do this all again I come to you in SC and we document your life there?!


Blog title lyric from ‘Confidence’ by Teddy Geiger .. listen to it here.

  • Karin - Magic. You are magical. My heart swells when I look at these- I can never tell you what these pictures mean to us. Thank you.

  • Karin - Ummm… and YES! Roadtrip for you and Tony to HHI next year! : )

  • erin - love, love!

  • Naomi - These are incredible! Love all that you’ve captured, such a beautiful family enjoying the simple, everyday moments. We’re going to miss you guys, Curtis family!

  • Ricarda - Stevie you are awesome. I love every single picture you take!

  • sally - these are awesome!

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