Happy, happy birthday, baby

Today I want to celebrate someone very special … Mr. Tony Oliver!!

I can hardly believe a whole year has gone by since we celebrated your last birthday on the beach in CA.  A year since I kidnapped you and brought you to Maryland.

The best year of my life.

As I went through the thousands of photos that we have taken together over the last year  I was reminded of all the wonderful things you brings to my life.  You are the most patient person I have ever met .. you are talented beyond belief and continuously amaze me with your creativity … you make me feel special, and beautiful and safe .. and you make me laugh every single day.

Today is going to be great!!

A day full of breakfast in bed, dinner with family, homemade ice cream sandwiches and handmade gifts (sorry about that last part 😉 )

Happy Birthday Tony!!!  You make my life so much better just by being in it.   I love you so much!!

Blog title lyric from ‘Happy, happy birthday, baby’ by the Tune Weavers

  • Karin - You guys are SO CUTE! Why couldn’t we have met before I had to move away?? Hope Tony had a wonderful birthday. : )

  • Nyisha - Could you guys be any more adorable? Nope. I LOVE the photo of Tony under the table. <3!

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