‘You spin me right round, baby right round .. like a record, baby right round, round, round’

oh the hazards joys of working from home.

I’m off to a good start .. to do list made.. feeling energized .. made a chai latte and sipped on it while returning phone calls .. I sold a gift certificate over the phone so I start out packaging that up.

I hear someone mowing out front so I go out to see if I can manipulate this situation a little more.. Find out he works for the landlord and tell him our gutters are full and rattle off a list of why they are hindering my enjoyment of life

He flashes a toothless grin and says he’ll be back tomorrow to clean them.

I head back in feeling more productive… because.. well.. I basically just cleaned the gutters out.


Stop to check my email and notice the print lab is having a 3 day no shipping special..  Sweet! I need a custom DVD for a client order anyway …

Logged on to place my quick disc order and, you know, get the free shipping.

what? $10 minimum.. hmm  I need 3 more dollars.

what else should I buy?

I need some custom stickers for my boxes.. I could get those

ooh, I know, I’ll finally order some snazzier photo release cards/copyright notices.

now where did I put that template I bought for them.

switching computers… 20 minutes later find the template.

hmm… how do I want to make these look?

I want to make them fit with the rest of my new packaging.

I’ll just pull up my branding inspiration folder on Pinterest real quick… ugh!  30 minutes later and I’m knee deep in re-pins and my head is spinning.

Overwhelmed..  Wait.. didn’t I start a load of laundry? .. I’ll just switch that real quick..

While I’m in here I might as well pack away the duvet cover that’s been sitting here for a week.

But before I put it in the closet I should sweep.

Actually the rest of the floor could use a sweep.

Head to the kitchen to get the dust pan and decide I’m hungry.

Start a salad.. see the packages that I started on the kitchen counter.

Abandon salad.. back to the packaging I started originally.

How is it 1pm already?

Well, At least I cleaned the gutters.


Because no post is complete without a photo.. and because looking for a better photo will send me further into the abyss of insanity I will leave you with this tulip that I ‘found’ yesterday .. taken with Instagram.

Now it’s time to make a new latte and start again….


Blog title lyric from ‘ You spin me right round’ by Billy Idol … listen to it here.

  • Connie - How does this post have no comments? It is as though no one can relate. We really cannot be the only two people out there like this, can we?

    Yes, yes, the story of my life. Congratulations on getting your gutters cleaned though!

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