So if you’re crazy .. I don’t care you amaze me

My little nephew Davey is probably the coolest little 2 1/2 year old you will ever meet so I was pretty excited when I had the opportunity to babysit him for a few hours last week.

We had the best time playing and I took a few little videos of his craziness.

Make sure your sound is on before you watch these videos as the music behind it really contributes to your overall enjoyment.

Especially the first one .. trust me.


This little mad scientist locked me in a plastic playhouse and told me to stay while he made me soup.. Except he can’t say his S’s yet. So he told me he would “make me some poop”

Davey’s new thing that day was to crash his bike into the wall and then slowly and dramatically roll around the floor until he died all while whispering help me in a slow raspy voice. It’s both incredibly disturbing and the best 2 1/2 year old acting ever

Once I showed him the videos he sat in his ‘Garage’ (an empty kitchen cabinet) and watched them over and over again for 20 minutes..

He’s very sensitive about his art.

Coolest kid ever!
Blog title lyric from ‘Whistle for the choir’ by the Fratellis .. listen to it here


    Best Collaboration between a little person and a Photographer
    Best Musical – Short Film
    Best Costume Design, Sub- Category: Flannel
    Best Interpretation of a young actor by a kid

    Statues are in the mail.

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