‘All of me is all for you … You’re all I need’

Meet Frank and Abbie.  They got married on the Eastern Shore on a day that promised lots of rain.  A day that turned out to be beautiful.  I love when that happens.

Frank and I went to college together so it was an extra special wedding for me.  He is also my State Farm insurance agent.  Turns out Salisbury State University churns out at least a few small business owners.   Business owners that support each other.   It’s funny how life works out.

But you didn’t come here to hear about any of that.  You came here to see all the photos of their beautiful day.  So sit back and enjoy their day.

Congratulations again to Frank and Abbie.  It was an honor to be there to tell your wedding story.

This is their little boy Max.  He was all smiles as his momma walked down the aisle.  I had the pleasure of having both Danielle Mahoney and Tony Oliver there by my side.  Below is one of Tony’s images.I was in love with all the big beautiful trees around Talbot Country Club.There are just no words for the below shot that Danielle got.  Hilarious!!
Below is another one of Tony’s photos.  I LOVE it!!I love the uniqueness of Abbie’s ring! .. My birthstone is a sapphire so I’m particularly drawn to this.   (Forgive me Abbie if it isn’t a sapphire)Blog title lyric from ‘All of Me’ by Angus and Julia Stone … listen to it here

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