‘Please remember me, happily .. By the rosebush laughing’

A few months back I shot a beautifully unique wedding and just a few weeks ago I got to visit with them again for some family photos.  I was so happy to be able to hang around them all on a regular afternoon and get to document all the things that they love about their normal everyday lives.  These 2 families spent a weekend full of sleepovers and insanity and invited me in to capture all the craziness right in the middle of it.   I knew from the wedding and from emails planning the family shoot that this family wanted ‘real-life’ photos.  So that’s exactly what we did.

In real life this family runs around outside on overcast days, wrestles on their living room floor, makes delicious messes out of hot chocolate with the biggest marshmallows that they can find .. they read books, climb on grandpa, play airplane and love on each other intensely … in real life these kids dress themselves, wear headbands .. and spiderman socks.. they get twirled around by their dad, draw on the driveway, make craft projects, and climb mercilessly all over their sleepy dog.   Their real life is art.

Love is….If this isn’t one happy, content momma then I just don’t know what is.  😀
My favorite detail of the day is that turquoise headband .. she wears one almost every day.   These are the little things that will change as your kids get older and you should never, ever forget.   Kids find the most interesting ways to sit.I wish this was a photo of me and my cousins with my grandpa.  I hope they cherish this moment captured as they get to be adults..

Thanks so much for inviting me into your lives once again!

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