‘You can kiss me again if you want … Oh that’d be fine’

I love love love a backyard wedding.  The more intimate and personal the better!  There is something so special about a bride and groom being surrounded by their family and friends in a setting that is very personal to them.  I knew from the first time Sarah and I talked, this wedding was going to be a ceremony that I would love … and it absolutely was.

Sarah and Nick’s wedding took place in her parents back yard in Catonsville, MD and was full of so many personal details.  It’s the home that Sarah grew up in .. the backyard that she and her sister, Emily, played in as little girls.

The old red door that they entered their home through for years was now painted teal and served as a backdrop while they exchanged their vows … in an intimate ceremony performed by Sarah’s father.

The bedroom that Sarah once slept in as a child was now the room where she put on her wedding dress.  Accompanied only by her mother and sister, the getting ready process was quiet and sentimental.  Passing by the door and seeing Emily lay on the bed watching her big sister put on her makeup made me imagine what it must have been like when they were growing up.

The personal touches didn’t end with the setting however .. Every single item of food was prepared by family, some of it in advance by Sarah and Nick themselves.  Cooking is a big part of Sarah and Nick’s relationship and I love that they spend so much time together in the kitchen.  You can read about some of the amazingness that they create on Sarah’s blog.  She is such a wonderful and witty writer and I drool over the meals on a regular basis.  Nick’s sister Stephanie and her devoted kilt wearing husband Morris are the masterminds behind all of the wedding day food prep.  It was so fun to be able to spy on the kitchen and document their process .. a part of the day I hardly ever get to witness.

I left their wedding inspired by the love of close devoted family and with a very full tummy.  I hope you enjoy all the images as much as I did creating them.

This is one of my favorite images from the day.  Sarah and her mom .. Nick and his dad … moments before we took them outside to see each other for the first time.  

My favorite detail of the day is this door!  We explored around historic Ellicott City for more portraits.  I was lucky to be accompanied by my great friend Danielle and some of her photos are mixed in below as well.How fantastic are Sarah’s parents?!
Since I knew going in to this day how important cooking was to Sarah and Nick, I thought it was only right that their ring shot take place in the kitchen as well.  🙂

Blog title lyric from ‘Kiss me again’ by Jessica Lea Mayfield … listen to it here

  • Brant Carnwath - Your pictures are soo awesome!!!

  • Mina - OMG … I love all of your work anyway but these are just beyond amazing! Compelled me to comment if that tells you anything!

  • Danielle - Such a fantastically wonderful wedding day! You captured it perfectly!

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