‘Everything I have is yours … You’re part of me’

Ana and Sean’s wedding was genuinely one of a kind.  From the venue, to the day of the week, to the wedding dress, down to how they got ready for the day.  All of it .. unlike any wedding I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of.

They got married on a Sunday, (Father’s Day more specifically) at Center Stage theatre in Baltimore.  Center Stage does not host weddings typically but since Ana is a member of the board and very active with that theatre she was able to swing it.  While we toured the building prior to their wedding day she let on that it was a dream of hers to have her wedding at the theatre and I was so excited that I was chosen to document that dream come true.

The more we talked about the upcoming wedding the more excited I became.  Ana and Sean were doing away with all the typical traditions .. no white for this bride .. Ana was going to radiate in green .. no bridal party .. it was going to be all about their little family .. bride and groom accompanied only by their daughter Madeline and their dog Barney.  And they weren’t going to be separated at all during the day.  Not only did they opt to see each other before the ceremony but they also all got ready in the same dressing room.  Never have I seen anything like it and let me tell you I LOVED IT!  It was intimate and laid back, honest and real, hilarious and crazy ..(how can it not be with a dog underfoot?)

I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Kyle Bergner all day as my second shooter and we were like kids in a candy store running throughout this theatre.  It was a photographer’s playground!!  Portraits in the costume rooms?  Yes, please!!

One of the big things that I remember more than anything was at the very beginning of our portrait session when Ana was a little anxious.  Sean just held on to her and said “It’s not about anyone else .. it’s about us .. Be present in this moment … and in every moment today.”  It was beautiful, simple and profound.  Wedding days go by in the blink of an eye and it is such an important thing to remember to just be present in all of it.  Because after all, when the cake is gone and the dress is stored all you will have is the memory of how you felt ..  and well .. these photos of course.


How amazing is this moment?!  A groom helping his bride into her shoes and her dress while their daughter lends a hand.  Simply real life.Blog title lyric from “Everything I have is yours” by Billie Holiday .. listen here

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