‘You’ve changed so much but its still you..there are no right angles in my life’

Oh my goodness… where to even begin with this post?  This session has been talked about for at least 6 months and been on the calendar for at least 2-3 months.  It’s one that I’ve really been looking forward to for a really long time.  Why??  Because momma Kelly is someone that I knew in childhood and life just came full circle and brought her back into my life.

Ok let me back up a little bit … when I moved to my family home in Arnold in 1990 my mom started taking us to a local church.  Among other reasons,  she wanted us to make some new friends in our new neighborhood.  I was nervous and shy (hard to believe if you know me today) when I started attending.  But right away I met a girl named Kelly..  she was the most itty bitty, loud and crazy, energetic and funny young girl.  It still amazes me that that much energy could fit into that tiny of a body.  Her mood was contagious and I quickly decided that I loved to be around her.

When I think of the 90’s version of Kelly I think of …  the juke box in her living room that made me think they were the coolest people in the universe, scary thunder storms during unchaperoned slumber parties, endless youth group trips and van rides, the time her cat peed on my sleeping bag, remembering that the sleeping bag really belonged to her anyway, us singing out of tune to the same Trisha Yearwood song on repeat.

It was at her house that I was first introduced to this new thing called email … solidifying that her family was the COOLEST in the world … it was at her house that I had my first truly mortifying moment when her dreamy older brother came home in the middle of our sleepover and I was wearing my head gear .. solidifying that I was the dorkiest girl in the world .. seriously, who brings their headgear on a sleepover??

When we were starting HS Kelly’s family moved to Arizona and, even though we promised to remain friends, life took different courses and we eventually lost touch.  Thanks to the beauty that is facebook Kelly found me again.  She’s still pint sized, loud and really energetic but now she’s also a wife, and a mom… with a daughter that is a about the same age as Kelly and I were when we first met.  That alone is hard for me to believe.

I was so excited when she booked a session with me to document her family.  So on June 18th, over 20 years since we first met I drove up to PA to meet Kelly and her family and spend the day with them and document their lives.  I was greeted at the front door by a 10 year old energetic, funny and independent replica of Kelly wearing a giant tutu and a flowery apron and followed her into the kitchen where I found my old friend.  And we spent the rest of the day getting to know each other all over again…

I love wind blown boat hair….Her very first time tubing ever!!!Jenna is the the kind of amazing young girl that makes me wish I could be 10 years old again and be her best friend.  She’s THAT awesome.

I wanted the perfect title lyric for Kelly … when I read this one I knew immediately that it was perfect.   She has changed so much since the Kelly I  knew before.  Her role’s have expanded from student, sister and daughter to add wife and amazing mother .  But it’s still her.  It will always be ‘her’.

Blog post lyric from ‘No Right Angles’ by Ben Lee …. listen here … just click play

  • Meagan - These are what family photos should be! So inspiring/beautiful.

  • Karin - So I can’t remember if I’ve come out of blog-stalker hiding before or not, but I am a big fan and this is one of my favorite sessions you’ve shared. Your perspective captures life and relationships so naturally and beautifully. LOVE IT.

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