‘When I kiss your lips I want to sink down to the bottom of the sea … I want to love you madly’

Well, it’s here!!  Wedding season is officially in full swing!

Jamie and Ben were my very first wedding in 2011 and I was really looking forward to getting the season off right with this amazing couple.  It was time to recharge my camera batteries, dust off my creativity, and break out all the new ideas.   And luckily for me Jamie and Ben are always up for anything.   Since it was still pretty wintery outside and the hotel we were shooting at didn’t offer a stunning enough background worthy of Jamie and Ben, my crazy assistant Danielle and I decided to talk them into letting us drive them off-site to a nearby abandoned building for all the bride and groom portraits.   We had a plan B just in case they weren’t up for for trudging through a muddy field but before we even got started on what was going to be our very convincing argument on how this was going to be the BEST idea Jamie said the thing that makes every photographers heart swell… “Let’s do it!  I totally trust you!!  I have boots to wear in the mud and I don’t care if my dress gets a little dirty.”   I let out a squeal of delight and tried to refrain from kissing her and we were off on our adventure….

Sit back and enjoy the first wedding of 2011 … I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I LOVE an adventurous bride!!   This next shot is my favorite!No trespassing?? Psssh!! We laugh at your no trespassing signs!!Then we headed back to the hotel to gather up the rest of the bridal party and see what kind of adventures we could get into there.Love this one of their crazy big wedding party!  Not one complaint throughout the crowd even though everyone was freezing!  I LOVE when a bridal party understands what it’s really all about.  And I love that we caught this fun moment on camera.  There ended up being a delay getting dinner underway and the below image is Jamie’s dad when they announced that dinner was finally being served.  True story..

And proof that I was there .. and thoroughly enjoying myself…

Blog title lyric from “Love you Madly” by Cake … listen and watch here.

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