‘You . Make. Me. .. Feel like I’m livin’ a .. Teen. Age. Dream.’

Don’t judge todays song choice.   I just can’t help it!!  That song has been stuck in my head for weeks.  It’s everywhere I go!  It seems like I’m humming it all.day.long!  Whether I’m driving in my car, photographing a wedding, or even horseback riding.   It’s permanently in my head!   And to make it even worse, all I see in my head when I think of this song is this kid.

Ok, now that we are in a safe, no-judging, zone I will get on to my trip to Hawaii.  It was glorious.  7 people sharing a house on the North Shore of O’ahu.  It was a relaxing, fattening, gorgeous week.  Full of photo taking, time difference adjusting, delicious mahi, shrimp trucks, turtle searching, whale watching, horseback riding, trespassing, water shoes, sunscreen, orange juice (not from concentrate), cheap pigs, chocolate macadamia pies, getting caught in the rain, rainbows, iguanas, Cholo’s, margaritas, wild chickens, skydiving, fishing, driving, sunscreen, grilling on the lanai, the best bakery in.the.world!, swimming, snorkeling, more sunscreen, more driving and some of the very best shave ice!   It was wonderful!

While I was visiting Hawaii I used 4 separate cameras … My Holga film camera, my new Panasonic Lumix, my iphone camera, and my ‘real’camera (also Nicole’s ‘real’camera but I count that as one kind)   It was kind of fun using different kinds of cameras to document the trip.  I plan on doing that more often.

Surprisingly enough, I actually only used my Nikon a few times the whole trip.  I used it for Tasha and Simi’s engagement shoot which you can see if you click on their names and only about 2 other times besides that.    I had planned to try not to rely on it too much this trip because I really wanted to experiment with my new Lumix point and shoot camera.  It was strangely liberating to be free from my heavy camera for a little while on vacation (a feeling I haven’t know for many years).   I felt like a whole new person!

The following photos (through the rainbow photo) were all taken with a DSLR, either mine or Nicole’s (who was gracious enough to let me borrow it for our group self-timer photo that I LOVE)

Now on to the Point and shoot camera …  I have been searching for a great point and shoot camera for years and I finally found it!!!  The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 This is really the first time that I have been able to play with it since I got it and I still have a lot to learn with how to fully manipulate it how I want but so far I love it.  It’s so nice to finally have a camera that I can carry around in my purse that I can use to get great results!  It had all the things I wanted .. wide angle, shoots RAW photos, easy to use on full manual setting and it works well on high ISO’s and slow shutter speeds.  The rest of the photos on this post are all taken with that camera.

First self-timer shot with this camera.

If your not really sure then I’m not keeping outBlog title lyric from “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry … Watch the real video here but watch an even better version by Kennan Cahill here

  • erin - thank you, thank you stevie for the review & shots from the point & shoot!

  • Allison Porta - I keep coming back to look at these over and over 🙂 and I love your synopsis the vacation!

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