‘Dancing at discos, eating cheese on toast’

I woke up having no idea of what day it was.  It’s Sunday.  It’s kind of my second Sunday of the weekend.  I shot a wedding on Friday so yesterday felt like my typical-post-wedding-lazy-sunday.  Except it was Saturday!  So that means I still get Sunday.  And guess what I’m going to do …. Nothing!!

I’m going to make it another slow day.  Weddings take just about all the energy I have to shoot and since Friday’s wedding was the first of the 2011 season it really kicked my butt and I need another day to fully recover.   I’m drinking hot drinks and wearing sweatpants, making breakfast at noon, helping my family build a man cave outside for Davey, and pouring over all my recent photos from Hawaii and Jamie and Ben’s amazing wedding.   What do you have planned for your Sunday?

I just got a new iphone app .. Shake It Photo .. and I love it.   Here is my noon time breakfast told in iphone photos.

Blog title from ‘Merry Happy’ by Kate Nash … listen to it here

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