‘The best I can do is try to show you how to love with no fear, my little girl’

This was such a wonderful photo shoot for me.  I love when I get to work with clients that feel like old friends just spending an afternoon together.   I met Amber & Chad at their house where they started their shoot off by planting a tree for their daughter Madelyn.  (A dove tree if I remember right)   Amber and Chad planted a tree on their wedding day as well so it was so appropriate to carry on the new tradition with their daughter.  

Then we hiked off to Kilgore Falls where Chad and Amber were married.   This was the first time that they have taken Madelyn and it was so great to be able to document that for them.   This is a very special place for all of them.

Amber and Chad have photos of them crossing this exact part of the stream in their wedding photos so we did another take with baby Madelyn.  

Then we headed off to Cecil County to spend the remainder of the evening on Amber’s parents GORGEOUS farm.  I could have spent weeks here on the farm without even seeing all of that there is.   To say I loved it is a complete understatement.   

Amber’s sister was there with her beautiful little girl so we of course had to get her in some photos as well.

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