This tree will draw you in

My friend Stacy is doing a 365 project this year as well and she called me this evening freaking out as soon as I posted my image from today.  Apparently I went to the exact same tree that she had been to just the day before.

  This tree is very ‘off the beaten path’ and neither one of us live here or even knows anyone that lives in this area.   We both just happened to find ourselves driving aimlessly in search of our daily photo and ended up in the same neighborhood at the same exact tree.   This is where we both stopped our cars in the middle of the narrow road and got out quickly snapping a couple frames.  We did the EXACT same thing only separated by 24 hours.   Incredible!

The below picture is Stacy’s from yesterday.


Below is my photo from today.  Unmistakably the same tree.

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